Public Speaking by Irma Mospan

For me, speaking publicly on Health & Wellness is an exciting and soul-satisfying way to motivate and encourage any size group.

I'll pass on key points from my education, share the lowest lows and ultimate successes of my life, and deliver actionable takeaways (solutions) to various real life health challenges. I never miss an opportunity to share proven tips while helping the audience avoid healthcare traps.

"Sift the health from the hype," I say.

Public Speaking to a large groud\p

Few topics are talked about, written about, or featured in magazines, TV, and online as often as Health and Wellness.

Health and Wellness is so big that it overlaps into multiple industries like physical products, education and edutainment, nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, and even fashion. It generates lots of buzz, it's trending … always, everybody seems to be an expert and your sister-in-law knows just the thing to help you look and feel fantastic.

Learning about health and wellness, diets, eating clean, avoiding toxic substances, emotional and mental factors, etc., really can be overwhelming. I enjoy it! And, I live it!

Here are some common groups where I can have a positive impact:

  • Moms' Groups like MOPS
  • Teachers' Organizations
  • Book Clubs
  • Sports Clubs like tennis, pickleball, volleyball, etc.
  • Seniors Groups
  • Church Congregation / Bible Study Groups
  • Business / Office Groups

Let's talk about what health topics your organization could benefit from.

Call me at (469) 667-0454, or use our convenient contact form.

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Reviews & Testimonials


I enjoy every time I listen to Irma Mospan in webcast trainings. I saw her in some videos addressing a massive audience and I always feel the same. She is such an inspirational leader. Touches the hearts and mind…


Irma hearing you last year in Los Cabos was a life changing experience. I as a professional, as a Mom, as a wife I felt lost, it was so hard for me to balance these 3 most important things in my life but your training…


Every now and then a new speaker rises with a fresh new perspective, clever insight, and a delivery that immediately is embraced by the audience. Irma, really is that new speaker. Her effectiveness comes from a place of authenticity and solid knowledge…


I have had the pleasure of listening to Irma Mospan speak on several occasions. What I love most is the connection that she makes with the audience. When her topic is made in regards to addressing and fixing a problem, she does not place herself “above” the issue…


I have known Irma Mospan for over 18 years and have been blessed to hear her speak numerous times. Irma has an incredible ability to motivate and connect with her audience as she not only shares her heart openly but also has a way to draw people in and…


Some of THE most memorable and impactful talks I have ever heard have come from this incredible woman! Due to my career, I have had the privilege of listening to many different speakers and I can honestly say that Irma Mospan is my all time favorite!!


I meet Irma more than 10 years ago. Not only is Irma a great leader but she is also a true friend. Irma is the type of friend that will always be there for you. She will drive hours to help a friend; like she has for me, without having to ask. She is always thinking…


I could listen to Irma Mospan speak all day!! She captivates her audience with her realness and her in-depth knowledge on the topic at hand. Irma truly knows how to inspire and get the most out of people by giving the tools you need to believe in yourself and to get into action.


The very first time I heard you was a great experience. You made me and my daughter feel like you really cared about us. You were very confident and comfortable at the same time. You knew what you were saying to be true.

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