Health Coach Irma Mospan

Hello, I’m Irma Mospan, a wife, mom to 3 young adults, grandma, as well as a business woman, public speaker, health coach, and board certified Holistic Health Practitioner.

Throughout my life, I’ve faced a variety of challenges including childhood trauma, a years-long battle with anorexia, being on the brink of divorce, and the ups and downs of parenting and adoption.

I’ve been able to overcome many challenges and experience true freedom and purpose in my life. I made the choice at a young age to let my valleys be my victories and that has allowed my mess to turn into a message which has lead me to my mission of helping people.

Now, through health coaching, I seek to help other women who may be facing challenges or feeling stuck in their health and wellness journey. With public speaking, I sift through the overwhelming abundance of health information to relay the best of it to groups of people, businesses and organizations. And with Mastermind Groups, I guide peers to help each other solve problems and develop themselves with energy, motivation, commitment, and willingness to learn and grow together.

My goal is to help you discover the purpose and uncover the greatness within you, your people, or your organization!

This is how my name is pronounced: ear–mah moss–pan 

My Journey


Overcoming fear, adaptability, dependence upon God, leadership and frugal and wise spending were all lessons I learned early in life.


My husband and I have been married for 20 years, but it has not always been easy…


Raising my children is one of the most precious and cherished gifts that I have been given.


For the past two decades I have worked as an entrepreneur learning and growing in ways I never knew were possible.

Health Coach Irma with grandson

I am fulfilling my mission by being a wife, mom, grandma, public speaker, business owner, and health coach. I do this by the grace and strength of my God. He is truly the one who has sustained me through many highs and lows and I give Him all the glory.

Are you ready to find YOUR path and feel better doing it?

  • If you're wondering why you're tired, achy and lacking in motivation, you may want to consider me as your health coach.
  • Are you the leader of an organization, and want to share some motivation based on true life experience? I may be the right public speaker for your event.
  • If you want to take an active part in solving business problems, in a creative, professional environment, please consider joining one of my Mastermind groups.